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3rd Party Product / Version

Saxon XSLT and XQuery Processor v8.9.0.4

Used in Progress Product / Version

OpenEdge 11.4ALPHA, OpenEdge 11.4, OpenEdge 11.5ALPHA, OpenEdge 11.5, Progress Corticon Studio v5.4, Progress Corticon Studio v5.4.1, OpenEdge 11.3.3, OpenEdge 11.6ALPHA, OpenEdge 11.6, OpenEdge 11.6.1, OpenEdge 11.6.2, Progress Corticon Studio v5.5 , Progress Corticon Studio v5.5.1, Progress Corticon Studio v5.5.2, OpenEdge 11.7ALPHA, OpenEdge 11.6.3, Progress Corticon Studio v5.6, OpenEdge 11.7, OpenEdge 12.0ALPHA, OpenEdge 11.7.1, OpenEdge 11.6.4, OpenEdge 11.7.2, OpenEdge 11.7.3, OpenEdge 11.7.4, OpenEdge 11.7.5, OpenEdge 12.0, OpenEdge 12.1ALPHA, OpenEdge 12.1

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